Grannies Boots

Jean’s dad passed away recently and with mom in assisted living, her childhood home needed to be cleaned out and readied for market. A house sale was planned and any meaningful family treasures were divided among the family. The boots did not make the keep pile.

Left for the sale, the old boots sat forlorn and overlooked. When the estate sale was over, the few odds and ends that were left were boxed up and sent to thrift. Others were put on the curb for passerby to rescue.

I got the boots and here is what I did with them.

The scarred black leather got a coat of English yellow and olive in a crazy bright green color mix. Once dry, Antoinette was loosely painted over, leaving the chartreuse to show through the rough cracks and crevices. The paint easily enhanced the incredible texture of the old leather.

A mix of clear and dark wax was applied, and then a quick dry bush of pure white to highlight details and more texture. I hoped to lace the boots with great looking ribbons but nothing would fit through the small eyeholes except utilitarian waxed shoelaces. I made do with those and I actually think they are perfect.

A sweet surprise for my dear friend Jean!

xo Lucy